Patient Safety

Because the programs each Hospital have used to date, except for a few examples of successes, are not as effective as they should be, OUR patients are relying on us to make hospitals “Patient Safe”! There is Champion Handwasher Hospital Campaign Criteria based on the science of Infection Control and human behavior. A critical difference between this Program and other Infection Control programs is that it includes patient feedback, involves ALL visitors to a hospital and promotes crucial conversations between ALL healthcare workers at regular intervals during the year to improve genuine communication that will help initiate the “culture of safety”.

The UK and Switzerland have shown that incorporating humor in their Hand Hygiene campaign has improved compliance. While several systems have shown that improving communication, between all stakeholders regardless of authority status, using different techniques (i.e. S.B.A.R., CREW resource management, humor, friendly competition) that teach less confident individuals how to question authority figures, without feeling fear of reciprocal action. It promotes continuous accountability from any and all fellow HCWs.

Our latest development is Puppets for Patients to improve in-service staff meetings and to empower patients to become engaged in hand hygiene compliance in the hospital.

“The best interest of the patient is the only interest to be considered.” – William Mayo, MD

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