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Parents are the driving force behind many of their children’s habits when they are young. We know that keeping your children healthy is a number one priority and here at Henry the Hand Foundation we would like to help your efforts to ensure greater opportunity for success. Our program is designed for all ages and can be taught by any mature individual. We use a multi-sensory and multi-media approach to help children learn that hand washing and not touching their “T-Zone” can help them “stay well” and keep them from ever “giving” themselves a respiratory or gastro-intestinal disease again.

We have many different Tool Kits to fit the circumstance that can be used to teach your children and their classmates and friends how to be Champion Handwashers. The Infection Prevention Home Tool Kit includes many items that are helpful in teaching children how to “stay well”. Early child education principles teach us that children learn lifelong habits at a young age.

It becomes very important to teach Hand Awareness before age five, so children will become life long practitioners of Henry’s 4 Principles. It goes without saying that we are teaching adults “subliminally” by saying they are teaching the children. The reality is the adults are NOT Hand Aware, just watch their habits.  This Program will help the adults “stay well” for the rest of their lives also.

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Home Curriculum for a healthier home

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