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Having spent almost 19 years on this mission, I am beginning to appreciate the battle Ignaz Semmelweis MD went through with the Austrian Medical Society and John Snow MD went through with the London Public Health system trying to increase their awareness about Puerperal Fever (Child birth fever) in the 1840’s and Cholera, back in the mid 1860’s respectively, which took about 20 years for either discovery to be accepted.

We can not afford to take another 20 years to accept the 4 Principles of Hand Awareness as a method to protect
the Public from infectious disease and the potential outbreaks, as too many innocent (unaware) people will suffer needlessly.

” Dr. Will “

William P. Sawyer, MD


Brief Bio:

Dr.Will Sawyer, the International Expert of true Primary Infection Prevention

Solo practice Family Medicine, Cincinnati, Ohio May 1, 1986-present.

Trihealth Hospital System Patient Safety Committee, 2004-present.

Bethesda North Hospital Med. Executive Committee, 2000-2008.

Influenza Surveillance Network for CDC, physician member 2004-present

Hand Awareness: Non Pharmaceutical approach to prevent human illness and transmission of emerging pathogens presentations; NEHA,2006, NAHEC 2006, USDA Food Safety Conference, 2006 and AMA/CMA Physicians Health Conference, 2006.

Henry the Hand Foundation, founder 1999.

Henry the Hand Champion Handwasher, creator,1996.

Clean Hands Coalition, founding member, May 1, 2003-present.

Bridges to Excellence, founding member, 2000-2002.

Medicare Carrier Advisory Committee state of Ohio, Co-chair 1996 to present.


Dr. Will’s Crusade:

Henry and Dr.Will would like EVERYONE  (adults and children) to know that the simplest solution to primary infection prevention is to NEVER put a finger in your eyes, nose or mouth (mucous membranes)!

If we could change this one human behavior there would NEVER be a Pandemic!!!
Because human beings would STOP “growing” infectious diseases, much like a petri dish.

We would like to TEAM UP with you and your organization to increase Hand Awareness and reduce preventable infectious disease events throughout our society: Health Care, Food Service, School Health, Employee Health and general Public Health.

We want EVERYONE to learn to use nail brushes, about “cross contamination” and to NEVER inoculate (contaminate) your mucus membranes (eyes, nose or mouth)!!

Following these steps we can ALSO eradicate Hepatitis A, MRSA,
flu, flu-like, strep, E. coli and other readily preventable infectious diseases!!

A simple solution to complex problems!!

Simply use the tools and strategies that you learn from this Homepage!!

YES, this is Dr.Will’s and Henry’s crusade!

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