Keeping schools healthy by teaching the 4 Principles of Hand Awareness!
We are a non-profit located in Cincinnati that offers Infection Prevention Tool Kits for early childhood centers, pre-schools and schools that help teachers and school nurses educate young children and students to the benefits of hand washing (hand hygiene), respiratory etiquette (safe coughing and sneezing habits), and not
touching your eyes, nose, or mouth (T Zone).
Spread the Word, Not the Germs!


School Health

Back to School Campaign and strategies to maintain school health all year round!

Coronavirus Prevention Strategy

Coronavirus prevention strategies that work!

Health Shields VS Face Masks

Health Shields as a tool for changing hand habits AND infection prevention!

Dr. Will headshot cropped
Dr. William Sawyer — Founder

About Dr. Will

  • Founder of Henry the Hand Foundation: Hand hygiene awareness advocate as seen in The New York Times and Washington Post
  • 33 years as a Solo Practice Family Medicine Doctor teaching, coaching, and changing patients' behavior to benefit their health.
  • Research
  • Clean Hand Coalition, Co-founder of a CDC and Prevention coalition: 2003-Present
  • Presentations:
    • Cincinnati Red Cross H1N1 Pandemic Program Sept 9, 2009
    • Interventions to Prevent Influenza and Influenza Like Infections in the Retail Clinic Setting, RCEC 2013
    • Hand Awareness presentations: Non Pharmaceutical Approach to Prevent Human Illness and Transmission of Emerging Pathogens presentations; NEHA 2006, NAHEC 2006 and USDA Food Safety Conference, 2006.
    • Human Factor Engineering and Positive Deviance Strategy to Reduce HAI: Summit, May 2007

Keeping schools healthy by teaching the 4 Principles of Hand Awareness. 

Spread the word, not the germs!

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