Infection Prevention Program for Businesses

Infection Prevention Program for Businesses
Dr. Will and Henry the Hand have some strategies that are both effective and easy to implement!

  1. We recommend ALL employees face to face with customers use a Health Shield as a barrier method during work hours to protect themselves. A fixed plastic/Plexiglas barrier works when an employee stays at one station all day, but if they move, they should take their “barrier” with them, i.e. wear a Health Shield.

Henry's Health Shield

With the Health Shield you will experience ease of use, efficacy of communication, breathing and full facial expressions that are important to our social interactions while maintaining personal safety in any environment. Physical barriers have been proven to be an effective method for preventing transmission of fluids from penetrating any orifice that you are trying to protect.

For the cashier or anyone who finds themselves face to face with people the Health Shield is effective. Most people wearing a mask have a tendency to adjust and contaminate their eyes, nose or mouth inadvertently. With a Health Shield, there is no adjusting necessary! We must be more intentional about re-training this unconscious behavior to help you and others to prevent self-inoculating their facial mucous membranes (TZone) with Coronavirus or any other virus that causes respiratory or gastro-intestinal infections. If we normalize this safety (harm reduction) technique of wearing a face shield when Coronavirus or other infectious diseases are in our community it will significantly improve the individual’s health!

2. Place T Zone Awareness Posters (Do Not touch your eyes, nose, or mouth) around the workplace to help those nail-biters, nose-pickers, and eye-rubbers “break the habit” and stay healthy! The poster depicts the main portal of entry into our bodies for ALL respiratory infections and how to PREVENT self-inoculation of the germs that might be lingering on the surfaces in YOUR work environment!

3. Put Handwashing reminders in your bathrooms that will catch the eye of your employees and remind them to wash their hands after using the toilet (not everyone does!).


4. Give promotional packets to employees to take home to keep their homes healthy to reduce the risk of them contracting an illness! Promotional packets include: a short description of how to stay hand healthy, a few stickers and bookmarks and other products to help teach family how to stay healthy. Hand out a packet for each employee to take home and share with their family or household members.

* * Chuck Gerba’s, PhD, research demonstrates that within 24 hours of a respiratory infection being introduced into the work environment, 90% of the commonly touched surfaces are contaminated with those germs.* *

Our Business Infection Prevention Program will help keep the productivity level up in YOUR office!

With your employees’ compliance, this program is guaranteed to REDUCE ABSENTEEISM in your office. By stressing the significance of the T Zone, they will learn how to avoid giving themselves an infection, such as the Flu and how to keep their families healthy! A healthy workplace is a more productive workplace!

Help keep your workplace and employees’ homes healthy this year!

Thank you for helping to “spread the word not the germs!”



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