Henry the Hand has been around the world, helping to "Spread the World, Not the Germs!" The Henry the Hand Foundation is committed to helping decrease the high childhood mortality rates of pneumonia and diarrhea in developing countries.

On the right hand side you will find pictures of people who have taken Henry the Hand with them to other countries and sent us pictures and a brief write up of what they did. If you have taken Henry the Hand to a country other then the Unites States please feel free to email me  at pictures and a description of what you did, where you went, and if you have some stories, and we will try and post it on the website.

In some countries, hand washing compliance is low due to no access to clean water and soap or lack of knowledge about how germs can spread from feces to food. Educating the importance of hand washing before preparing food and eating will help decrease the incidence of gastrointestinal diseases.

Teaching hand washing techniques, hand hygiene, food safety and Hand Awareness will help reduce the devastating numbers of death due to easily preventable diseases.

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