High School Community Service Program

Infection Prevention Community Service Program
Many students need to demonstrate competency in service projects and follow through in implementation of an effective program for graduation. There is a significant need to teach consistent hand hygiene to every student generation beginning in early childcare, throughout the school environment to ensure better learners and to improve chances for better hand hygiene compliance in healthcare and food service workers. By reducing the impact of seasonal flu and effectively eliminating the risk of any Pandemic, we offer the “hand hygiene service project in a can”. It is a program that is science based, proven effective, easily implemented, self-sustaining multi-sensory primary Infection Prevention Tool Kit that augments the school nurse’s efforts to maintain a healthy student population. It is the 3rd leg of the stool that supports a healthy school (students and staff) nutrition, physical activity and infection prevention. Remember a healthy student is a better learner (National PTA).

The School District Administration and staff are too busy trying to “teach to the proficiency tests” and have crowded classrooms due to external forces. There is no time allotted to teach true Primary Infection Prevention during the school day in order to improve health and “presenteeism” at school to give EVERY student a better chance to be a better learner. We want to empower the student body to teach the 4 Principles of Hand Awareness and pass on our Primary Infection Prevention Program to help improve “presenteeism” which will increase their potential for learning. They can use innovative techniques to “squeeze” it in during the school day or before and after school during OOST (out of school time). Implementation of this Community Service program in the high school initiates the thread that starts in pre-school and weaves its way through the elementary, middle and high schools. When you empower the high schoolers to “take it on” it can start an epidemic of good behavior.


  1. To teach the 4 Principles of Hand Awareness to the student body and their surrounding community to “stay well”.
  2. Paying particular attention to the 4th Principle of Hand Awareness (Do not touch your eyes, nose or mouth) has NOT been promoted as effectively by leading organizations who have greater resources to teach it (CDC and Prevention, HHS, AMA, AAFP, AAP and NASN). As such, we students find it necessary to create change to teach this fundamental “cross contamination awareness” strategy to benefit health.

Getting Started:

  1. Initial group of students identify the staff member who is the Community Service Supervisor (counselor, teacher, nurse, etc.) responsible for oversight and acknowledging credit.
  2. Submit a request to your community service supervisor at your school to start an Infection Prevention Community Service Program before purchasing. (Some students are uncertain of the reception of the administration at their school).
  3. Purchase an Infection Prevention High School Community Service Tool Kit from here as the basis for the community service “canned” program to ensure standardization and science based methodology.
  4. To get started, promote Handwashing upon entry to your school and before lunch to reduce infectious disease events and encourage “presenteeism” at school. “Think global act local”.
  5. Students can use it as a basis for a community service project, a challenge project, a science project, a health credit project and independent study project to apply to graduation credit or resume builder. Hint: For a stronger college application create a video to help improve Hand Awareness in your school, particularly focusing on the 4th Principle of Hand Awareness.

Remember healthy students are better learners!

Thank you,

Dr. Will and Henry the Hand Champion Handwasher

To start a High School Community Service Program at your school today please fill out the form below and let us know what school, location, supervisor’s name and a paragraph describing how you are going to promote the Henry’s 4 Principles of Hand Awareness.

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