We have set up this section to help you better navigate the web site for Tools and  information you may need to have the most successful Infection Prevention effort in your hospital.

With the significant increase in preventable Healthcare Associated Infections (HAIs) affecting vulnerable patients and family members, it behooves all of us health care workers (HCW) to become more “Hand Aware”: knowing where their hands are and what they are doing at all times. This is supported by the knowledge of the significant risk of cross contamination in which hands are the vehicle for transmission and the fact that it is impossible to “sterilize” the patient’s proximity. C. difficile is a perfect model that requires handwashing not sanitizing to eradicate. So how many HCWs know this concept in C.diff eradication?

The Champion Handwasher Hospital Campaign has been uniquely crafted to initiate a “culture of safety” by facilitating greater communication between HCWs around “genuine” hand hygiene at specific times of the year and to allow their hospital which is measured and reported publiclly to be successful. The metrics (10 criteria) are primarily what the hospital Infection Prevention efforts should be doing already.

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