Infection Prevention School Partnership


• The Infection Prevention School Partnership is a comprehensive program with consultative support between the Henry the Hand® Foundation and the school to ensure the best outcome. The Henry the Hand® Foundation is committed to decreasing the spread of infectious diseases by educating and empowering individuals to protect themselves, their facility and communities by integrating the 4 Principles of Hand Awareness into their personal behavior. For more than 10 years, Dr. Will Sawyer and his team have been promoting true primary infection prevention techniques and strategies that are proven to reduce the spread of respiratory and gastro-intestinal diseases.

• By working together, we can make a difference!

• This Partnership provides the curriculum guide, tools and coaching necessary to make it simple for anyone to teach the Hand Awareness program.

• This Partnership is self explanatory and is based upon the 4 Principles of Hand Awareness, which were endorsed by the AMA and the AAFP in 2001.

• The school will need to identify a “Champion” to oversee the implementation of the Partnership throughout the school or district.

Program can be demonstrated by:

School Nurse


Teacher’s Aide

Educational Assistant

Wellness Committee Member


College Student

High School Student

Middle School Student

Health Care professional

Other Community Members


This science based multi-media and multi-sensory behavior modification program will benefit the health of every student and staff in the school. This is not just a handwashing program. It is about Hand Awareness, which is defined as hand hygiene, respiratory etiquette, and cross contamination awareness.

When a school has completed one full year with the Partnership, they will be eligible to be Certified as an Infection Prevention School.

Criteria for the certification include:

• Classroom presentations and demonstrations be done during scheduled weeks 3 times a year

• Maintenance of posting reinforcement tools (posters and static clings) throughout the school

• Competition in and between classrooms promoted at least 3 times per year

• Information sent home and shared with the families of the students

• If certified, agreement to be listed as a Certified Infection Prevention School in the media or our communications

• Presentations to parents, faculty and staff

A certified school will be able to promote to the community that they are taking the necessary steps to protect the learning environment of their school.

DOWNLOAD and print off the Infection Prevention School Partnership Flyer HERE

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