Description of Infection Prevention Business Program

Items in our Business Infection Prevention Program:

This packet is designed much like an elevator pitch; it is brief and it highlights the key points of our strategy that will peak your employees’ interest, using our basic educational tools that are easy for you to implement.

This program is meant to compliment your Business’s Health and Wellness program you have and train your employees on the importance of Hand Awareness (Hand Hygiene, Respiratory Etiquette, Cross Contamination Awareness) for their health and the overall success of your business.

1) Henry the Hand’s Infection Prevention Packets (list of items in packets at bottom of the page): Pass these out during your Health and Wellness events to the employees who have children. This helps engage the family in this Infection Prevention program to reduce the spread and contraction of infectious diseases both in and outside of their homes.   If their families are healthy, absenteeism due to kids/spouses sick at home will decrease if not disappear. It also allows for their kids to share this program with their schools so everyone can help “spread the word not the germs”.

2) Henry the Hand’s Handwashing Reminder Static Clings: Place on mirrors above sinks in the bathrooms as a reminder for ALL visitors and employees to WASH THEIR HANDS!

3) Henry the Hand’s Do Not Touch the T-Zone Poster: Place these in a common room or central gathering area in the office to educate & REMIND employees that their eyes, nose, and mouth are the portal of entry for ALL respiratory infections. This will help stop the spread of infectious diseases around the workplace!

** Below is a list of items in the Promotional Packet for the Business Program to help jumpstart more Hand Awareness in your workplace. Using these materials is a simple and effective way to help change hand hygiene behavior in your workplace that will improve health and productivity. They can also be used to reward those who help “spread the word not the germs” at the workplace.

4 Henry the Hand Bookmarks

4 Henry the Hand tattoos

4 Henry the Hand Champion Handwasher stickers

3 Do not touch the T Zone Stickers

1 Henry the Hand Germs on Your Hands printout

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