Tool Kit Components

Purpose and description of each item:

Nailbrush: The nailbrush is the forgotten tool of Handwashing. It helps to remove the germs that are stuck underneath your fingernails so they are rinsed away during Handwashing.

Stickers: (100 Champion Handwasher, 10 TZone) These are positive reinforcement tools when a child or adult completes a task correctly: ie. demonstrates one of the 4 Principles correctly. They also act as a fun reminder for both the children and the adults!

Bookmarks (30): These are reminders that can be sent home with the children so they can help to teach their parents about Henry’s 4 Principles of Hand Awareness

Weekly Handwashing Chart (1) (home and classroom): It is a self directed reinforcement tool that is used to keep track of the number of handwashes and the specific times during the day that are important ie: arriving at school, before eating, after bathroom, etc.

HTH Puppet (1): the puppet can be used to give demonstrations and help children who are visual to reinforce Henry’s 4 Principles of Hand Awareness.

Germs on your hands poster (1): This poster is a great visual graphic for children and adults that jolts people showing some of the germs that can be found on your hands that are invisible.

Handwashing Guide Poster (1): This poster can act as a reminder for both students and staff to wash their hands. It also acts as a great visual education tool for the younger children because they often develop behaviors through observational learning and repetition.

4 Principles of Hand Awareness poster (1): This poster is a visual graphic that shows the 4 Principles and is very effective for anyone who does not read the language.

T Zone Poster (1): This poster is very important graphic showing what the T Zone is, the eyes, nose and mouth (the only portal of entry into the human body for all respiratory and gastro-intestinal infections).

Handwashing Instruction Static Clings (1): These cling to the mirrors in both men’s and women’s bathrooms to show the proper steps to a handwash. If you cannot read the language you still “get the picture”. They are great vibrant colored reminders for people to wash their hands.

Glogerm lotion and LED Black light: (1) This demonstration simulates germs on hands when the Black Light “lights up” the germs. The black light is a handheld light. You put it on your hands and rub it in very well then use the black light to show how “dirty” your hands are. Then you go and wash your hands and shine the light on the hands that have been washed to see how clean your hands are and how many “germs” you removed.

Respiratory atomizer: (1) This demonstrates the power of a cough or sneeze and the droplets that are released reinforcing why it is so important to cover a cough or sneeze with your elbow if there is no tissue to not spread it into the air.

School Visit DVD: (1)  the school visit DVD is a 3.5 minute animation that goes over the 4 Principles of Hand Awareness using Henry as the messenger. It is very good video for children because it is a cartoon.

CD: (1) The CD has two songs, doing the hand wash and Henry’s theme song. These can be played during the presentation or right before lunch to remind kids to wash their hands.

Health Shield: (1) This shield is used as a training device to show how often someone touches their T Zone. You need to increase awareness before you can change a behavior. It also serves as a protective device when others around you are threat for sneezing and coughing incorrectly.

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