TIPS for Early Childhood Presentations

Tips for Early Childhood Tool Kits Presentations

     If you are working with children ages 2-4, as MANY of our early childhood programs are geared towards, here are a few ways we have adapted our presentations, from our own trial and error, to better suit your needs with the specific ages.


2 & 3 Year Olds:


Visual demos and displays are KEY to making sure they understand Henry’s Infection Prevention Program

  • Show Henry’s Classroom Visit Video First. It is easy to follow and fun for the kids
  • Act Out the 4 Principles of Hand Awareness after the video:
    • #1: Simulate ALL the correct handwashing motions encouraging them to mimic your hands and the kids will pick up and copy you. Explain each surface of your hands that are being washed. And Why? And When?
    • #2: Show them how to “throw the elbow” when coughing and have them act as if they were coughing into their elbow many times until they copy you. Explain that if you don’t cover a cough it sprays germs everywhere. That is when you demo the respiratory atomizer “misting” them with water as you simulate a cough. Yes it is worthwhile to mention tissues as an option, but if you don’t have one this is the method.
    • #3: Repeat the same process as #2, except you are pretending to sneeze into their elbow. The respiratory atomizer “misting” will have a great impact on them to help understand.
    • #4: Explain this is how germs enter your body! Demonstrate the T Zone and do a similar routine of showing them NOT to touch their eyes nose and mouth and say.

– Bring in Henry and play the song! Pass out the Stickers at the end of the day to make sure they get in the kids bags so they make it home. This way the kids can show their parents and help engage them in the same infection prevention behavior.


4 year olds:

** LOVE to Talk & Interrupt**

Show Henry’s Classroom Visit Video FIRST. It is easy to follow and fun for the kids so they can “see” what Henry wants to teach them. Then after the video go through the 4 Principles of Hand Awareness as described above AND

  • Make sure you make it interactive, allow them to answer questions and tell their stories to KEEP THEM ENGAGED. You can use the posters as props: Handwashing Guide, Germs on Hands.
  • Ask them about what they know on Hand Washing.

-How DO YOU wash your hands? Why? And When?

– Show me how you wash your hand etc…

– Show me how you wash your hand etc…

  • Then go into the 4 Principles of Hand Awareness: USING THE POSTER to point and ask them:
    • WHY aren’t you supposed to cough and sneeze into your hands? As above process and respiratory atomizer.
  • EMPHASIZE the 4th Principle “Do Not Touch the T Zone”
    • Let them tell you WHY you should you keep your fingers out of the TZONE?
    • Let them tell you what they think and what they’re answers are BEFORE you go on to tell them the real answers.
  • Show them the video and afterwards ask them if they remember the principles and try to make it so they have ALL 4 correct.
  • Bring Henry in (hand puppet)! Ask them they can recite the 4 principles back to Henry and tell them how they are now “CHAMPION HANDWASHERS” & Remind them to share this information with their families


** After the presentation be sure the posters and static clings go on the walls and mirrors for reminders, as repetition is critical to changing a behavior. They also can use the Classroom schedule to record their handwashes throughout the day to keep them engaged in the behavior. Reward them with a medallion to take home sometime.


Download the printable version here: Tips for Early Childhood Presentation

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