Early Childhood Presentation

Early Childhood Presentation

 1)  Stand in the front of the room with the teaching tools displayed out on a table

2)  Introduce yourselves as Champion Handwashers, Ask the kids if they are Champion Handwashers and if not do they want to learn how to be! (Upbeat and animated)

3) Discuss how you are there to teach them the Importance of Handwashing and of being “Hand Aware” (knowing where your hands are and what they are doing at all times). Go through Henry’s 4 principles of Hand Awareness and while doing so, SHOW the poster of Henry going through his Four Principles of Hand Awareness and display them yourselves

4) Show them the Henry the Hand classroom visit DVD (3.5 minutes).

5) Next is Respiratory Etiquette Demonstration: Using the respiratory atomizer with water in it go around the room simulating a cough or sneeze by spraying(misting) the water droplets to emphasize that it is the micro-droplets coming out of the nose and mouth are responsible for spreading the germs when one has an upper respiratory infection(URI).

6) Then emphasize Henry’s 4th principle: DON’T FORGET TO EMPHASIZE THE IMPORTANCE OF THE T ZONE (eyes, nose and mouth), show them how the T-ZONE is the only portal of entry into the human body for the flu and all flu-like illnesses. Teach them to NEVER put a “bare” finger in their eyes, nose or mouth again because any surface you touch may have germs and the “cross contamination” effect is how we get ourselves sick form some “invisible” virus, bacteria or fungus.

7) GO through the steps of Handwashing (show sink reminders) to demonstrate to the kids how to truly be a Champion Handwasher. EMPHASIZE how soap and water is the #1 way to get your hands clean

8) Ask the kids if they want to see a demonstration of how to determine if you are a Champion Handwasher??

9) GloGerm presentation: Take out the glogerm lotion and the black light from the tool kit. Ask 2 kids to come up to the front of the room. Put a little bit of the lotion on their hands and have them rub them together. Dim the lights in the room, have the kids face everyone else and turn the blacklight flashlight on so everyone can see the GERMS ON THEIR HANDS!!

** If you do not want to use the kids, ask a volunteer to be in the demonstration


10) Afterwards, tell both of them to go wash their hands HOWEVER don’t forget to tell them that they need to “wash all surfaces of the hand” (refer to the large Handwashing Instruction poster for a visual reinforcement). To give them some “length of time” reference they can sing Happy Birthday or repeat the ABC’s or count to 20 slowly to help get those hands clean!

11) When they come back, dim the lights again, have them face the audience and turn the blacklight on and see who did a better job! You also explain that there are “good bacteria” on your hands to help protect the integrity of the skin barrier, so you will not get ALL the bacteria wiped off.


12) At the end you can play the Henry the Hand “Doin’ the handwash” song on the CD, try and have the kids sing along while Henry enters the room. This way the kids will remember the song and be reminded of the importance of Henry’s 4 Principles

13) Afterwards ask if anyone has any questions and if not then ask a few basic questions. At the end, hand out a sticker and a tattoo to EVERYONE in the room! (IMPORTANT: You should be wearing a sticker the WHOLE time or the Champion Handwasher T-shirt!)


To Download the PDF/Printable Version Click: Early Childhood Presentation

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