Letter from Dr. Will

Henry the Hand Foundation

Congratulations on your Foresight!

You are about to undertake in your school community a partnership that helps to improve the effectiveness of infection prevention techniques and promotes communication between peers and non peers about a basic health habit that will help ALL maintain better health. As a school community improves its “genuine communication” around basic “Hand Awareness” behavior, it will benefit the culture of communication. When you follow through on the Partnership you will discover that your school community will be positively impacted.

By integrating many behavioral changes and learning strategies into a seamless simple self perpetuating program the school’s “presenteeism” will increase, due to less infectious disease incidence. This mission started out more than 19 years ago when my children were in daycare and has grown through the years due to my involvement in Patient Safety, as a solo practice Family Medicine physician still admitting patients to the hospital, and Food Safety, as a co-owner of a fine dining restaurant for 14 years.

If the students internalize these 4 Principles of Hand Awareness, they will be better prepared for working in food service, health care and public health. Not to mention they will enjoy much better health because of fewer respiratory and gastro-intestinal disease during their life time. They also will change the adult behavior.

It is a credit to you for seeing the potential value of this Partnership to your school community, giving students a better chance to grow into lifelong contributors to our society, as they maintain better health during their school years. As we know, a healthy student is a better learner.

Thank you for helping to “Spread the word not the germs”!

Dr. Will Sawyer President Henry the Hand Foundation

Solo Family Medicine Sharonville Family Medicine

Cincinnati, Ohio 45241

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