Tool Kit for the Classroom Components

Henry the Hand Champion Handwasher Stickers (100)- Use these 2.5 inch stickers to reward your children and other children that come to your house to reinforce good handwashing behavior. Peer pressure works, when applied constructively.

Henry the Hand Bookmarks (30)- The bookmarks can be used as a continuous reminder of the 4 Principles of Hand Awareness. Remember children are branded as early as two years old and pick up on positively rewards quickly.

T-Zone Poster- This vinyl, repositional poster is a great visual aid that you can place on any hard surface where everyone can see it. You can remove the poster and place it on another wall as many times as you want. It’s great for “show and tell” to help remind their classmates in the 4th Principle of Hand Awareness.

The 4 Principles of Hand Awareness Poster- This poster illustrates the 4 Principles of Hand Awareness with pictures and words. It serves as a great reminder tool in your classroom.

Germs on Your Hands Poster- Use this poster as you teach the students about the germs that could be on their hands. Then, you can place this poster on your classroom wall as a reinforcement tool. It will help students, faculty, and staff realize the importance of following the 4 Principle of Hand Awareness.

Handwashing Guide Static Clings for Sinks (2)- The Handwashing Guide is a reminder tool for the students. If they cannot read the words, they still “get the picture” with the visual representation of the handwashing steps. Place this cling on the bathroom mirrors and/or above a classroom sink, wherever the students (and you) wash their (your) hands.

Henry the Hand Nail Brush- The nailbrush is one of the most important, and often the most forgotten tools in the Classroom Kit. This tool should be used at least once a day while washing hands. Many germs hide under our fingernails. These brushes used to be at every sink in hospitals. These brushes have great bristles and the base is “fuse ware”. This fuse ware prevents germs from hiding where the bristles attach to the base of the brush. The brush is dishwasher safe and should be placed at the kitchen and every bathroom sink. Use this as a teaching tool to let all of the students know they should be using a nailbrush at home.

Germ Potion and LED Black Light (AAA batteries not included)- This lotion illuminates under a black light. Put the Germ Potion on your hands without telling the students.

*Before you start teaching, touch some of the students’ hands to put some of the lotion on them. In your presentation, you can ask the students if anyone has germs on their hands. Then, you can shine the black light flashlight on the hands of those you touched and say, Look! There are germs on your hands!”. Then they can go wash and see how well they did by illuminating the hands with the black light. Also, you may put about a dime-sized portion of the Germ Potion on some of the students hands. Show them how it glows under the black light. Then, they can go wash their hands and see how well they did by illuminating the hands with the black light.

Respiratory Etiquette Atomizer- This tool is designed to perform Dr. Will’s Respiratory Etiquette Demo. To perform this demonstration, use water in the spray bottle to simulate the micro-droplets that our mouth or nose eject when we cough or sneeze. The demonstration serves as a fantastic multi-sensory reminder.

Henry the Hand Health Shield- Henry’s Health Shield serves as a great teaching tool for Hand Awareness. The Health Shield serves as a barrier device, preventing the wearer from violating his or her “T Zone”. The Health Shield is great to wear in the classroom to promote behavior change with the students.

Remember: a presentation, without demonstration, is merely a conversation

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