Getting Started

Getting Started


Start by watching Henry the Hand’s School Visit video to see some of the key features and nuances to why this is a Hand Awareness program, not limited to just a hand hashing program.

Henry’s School Visit Video- This effective teaching tool engages children and produces the best results when watched repeatedly. Here is Henry's 3.5 minute video

Henry’s Songs- Play these for your children to listen to repeatedly. Repetition is critical to successful adoption of human behaviors. Pre-school and primary elementary aged children love Henry the Hand’s theme song! “Doin’ the Handwash” song gets adults and children out of their seats dancing to the music . These two songs will help imprint the 4 Principles of Hand Awareness behaviors in their listeners’ minds to help the message stick. Here are Henry's Songs!

Henry the Hand Activity Book- We encourage school nurses, teachers, or parents to help children complete these activities. This book is designed to teach & reinforce the 4 Principles. English and Spanish Activity Books.

On the Back of the Activity Book, you will find the Home Handwashing Chart. You can use this to help habitualize the appropriate times for children to wash their hands. You can encourage and affirm children by rewarding them with a sticker or tattoo when they fill out the char to your satisfaction (after each wash, everyday or week). We recommend giving and Activity Book to each student. You can download them for free at Posters and Coloring Books Web page. You can choose to have the students work on the Activity Book in class or send it home for them to complete with their parents. This can be downloaded from the website or purchased through the Store.

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