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This is a simple Training Tool Kit to be used by each hospital, that is based on the Science of Infection Control and Human Behavior Modification. There has been a lot of resistance to implementing such a program for many reasons: “We already have a program”, “It is an admission of guilt”, “We are too smart for this type of program” and many other defensive remarks.

However, our PATIENTS are the reason to have EVERY Hospital implement this Campaign, simply because what we are doing now is NOT GOOD ENOUGH for our Patient’s Safety.

One method to ease into the Hospital Campaign is to utilize this Tool Kit internally, having different Units in the hospital or nursing home compete against one another to serve as a pilot, then once you have gained complete confidence in your staff, you can go public with the Campaign.


Hand Awareness Program guide

Below you will find a “template” that will allow your healthcare facility (hospital, outpatient center, extended care facility, physician office, or other patient care facility) to plan for a successful Hand Awareness Program. Hand Awareness is knowing where your hands are and what your hands are doing at all times!
Scientifically, Hand Awareness is hand hygiene, respiratory etiquette and cross contamination awareness.

To get started determine the following before you order your Champion Handwasher Kit:

1) Number of Physicians

2) Number of Clinical Support Staff

3) Number of Non-Clinical Staff

4) Number of Waiting Rooms

5) Number of Patient Rooms

6) Number of Restrooms-Public

7) Number of Restrooms-Staff

8) Number of elevators and entrances


Reinforcement Items for Campaign:
-Stickers                                                                                  One per soap/sanitizer dispenser

-“Leave the Germs Here” Label                                         One per sink

-1-inch stickers                                                                      One per staff member (clinical & non-clinical)

-4 Principles of Hand Awareness Poster                         One per waiting room and one per elevator

-“Thank you for washing  your hands…”                         One per elevator & waiting room

-“Germs on your hands” poster                                         One per elevator and nurses area

Henry the Hand Personal Appearance                  At staff meeting: nurses, physicians


We offer a “Starter” Kit for Hospitals that want to pilot the Campaign on a few floors.

It contains:

-1000 Champion Handwasher stickers for soap and sanitizer dispensers,

-100 Champion Handwasher 1 ” stickers for staff,

-100 “Leave the Germs Here, Give them a Wash” static clings for sinks,

– 1 animated Henry the Hand Hand Awareness DVD for display outside the cafeteria,

– 1 “Thank you for washing your hands upon entering our hospital” poster,

– 1 “Germs on Your Hands” poster

– 1 4 Principles of Hand Awareness poster

-1  spritzer bottle to simulate micro droplets from a cough or sneeze is included,

** You can make more copies of the posters from the web site and post in elevators and nurses stations.


The cost of this Starter Kit is $500.

Here is the direct link to the store to purchase the Champion Handwasher Hospital Kit

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