Infection Prevention Tool Kit for the School


Every school needs this kit to lower the spread of germs and increase attendence.


The Infection Prevention Tool Kit for the School includes all the tools necessary to institute the School Program.

Dr. Will Sawyer created the School Program based on principles from the Johns Hopkins Partnership 2000 School strategies, which includes the family, school, and community working together to benefit the student.  Designed with a lesson plan curriculum, this School Program trains students, faculty, and staff members to prevent the spread of respiratory and gastro-intestinal infections.

After instituting this program, a school will see a decrease in the incidence of illness, which should increase attendance within their school.  A healthy learner is a better learner.

This multi-media and multi-sensory program will benefit the health of every student and school employee.  Implementing the innovative reinforcement techniques and tools of this Program into your school’s culture develops life long practice of the  4 Principles of Hand Awareness that have been endorsed by the AMA and AAFP.

Remember: a presentation, without demonstration, is merely a conversation. 

Contents Supplies up to 300 students
1 Curriculum
1 4 Principles Poster
1 Germs on Your Hands Poster
1 Handwashing Instruction Guide Poster
1 Do Not Touch the T Zone Poster
1 Laminated Classroom Handwashing Chart
1 Activity Book
1 Home Hand Washing Chart
1 Germs on Your Hands Take Home Activity Sheets
1 School Visit DVD
1 CD with Songs
1 Puppet
1 Health Shield – Standard
1 Germ Potion – 8 oz
1 LED Black Light
1 Respiratory Atomizer
1 Operant Conditioning Clicker
1000 Champion Handwasher Stickers (2.5″)
10 Champion Handwasher Stickers (1″)
50 T-Zone Stickers
400 Tattoos
10 Handwashing Instructions Vinyl Repositionable Decals
1 Nail Brush

If you need help with designing a presentation we can help! Download our School Presentation by clicking HERE

Weight6.5 lbs


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