Infection Prevention Tool Kit for the Home


Using this Kit in your home will reduce germs and will change your family’s behavior resulting in a healthier, happier home environment.

Remember: a presentation, without demonstration, is merely a conversation. 


The Infection Prevention Tool Kit for the Home gives you the necessary tools to improve Hand Awareness in your home.  Hand Awareness is defined as hand hygiene, respiratory etiquette, and cross contamination awareness.  By reinforcing scientific principles, your family’s health will show a marked improvement.  We know that parents work hard to teach handwashing behavior to their children, similar to the process they undergo during potty training.  You will then understand that attention to handwashing and Hand Awareness pays off over time.

In order to produce results similar to those achieved through diligent and repetitive potty training, we developed the Infection Prevention Tool Kit for the Home to lend you a hand in your efforts.  The Tool Kit is simple, virtually self-administered, and easy to implement.  Simply using this compact, multi-media and multi-sensory program in your home enables your children to adopt appropriate Hand Awareness behavior.

Dr. Will Sawyer designed the Home program with the Johns Hopkins Partnership 2000 strategy in mind.  This partnership model includes family, school, and the community working together to benefit the child.  In the case of this Tool Kit for the Home, the desired outcome includes reducing the spread of germs in your home and changing your family’s behavior.  The result will be a healthier, happier home environment.

1 Curriculum
1 Germs on Your Hands Poster
1 Do Not Touch the T Zone Poster
1 Activity Book
1 Home Hand Washing Chart
1 Germs on Your Hands Take Home Activity Sheets
1 Health Shield – Standard
25 Champion Handwasher Stickers (2.5″)
25 Tattoos
2 Handwashing Instructions Vinyl Repositionable Decals
1 Nail Brush

Weight3.9 lbs


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