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Standard Health Shield with Elastic Band (Box of 30)


** Remember to remove protective film on both sides of the shield before use**

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We are offering the Health Shield (Face shield) for your personal safety, comfort and protection from others. You will experience ease of use, efficacy of communication, breathing and full facial expressions that are important to our social interactions while maintaining personal safety in any environment. Barriers have been proven to be an effective method for preventing transmission of fluids from penetrating any orifice that you are trying to protect. In this case it is both fingers and droplets/aerosols we are protecting from the mucous membranes of your eyes, nose or mouth (T Zone).

For the cashier or anyone who finds themselves face to face with people the Health Shield is effective. Most people wearing a mask have a tendency to adjust and contaminate their eyes, nose or mouth inadvertently. With a Health Shield, there is no adjusting necessary!

We must be more intentional about re-training this unconscious behavior to help you and others to prevent self-inoculating their facial mucous membranes with Coronavirus or any other virus that causes respiratory or gastro-intestinal infections. If we normalize this technique of wearing a face shield when Coronavirus or other infectious diseases are in our community it will significantly improve the individual’s health!

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