Glo Germ Lotion



Do you want to see what germs are on your hands? This lotion “simulates” germs on your hands and “light up” when you shine a UV light on them. No one will EVER forget the experience of “seeing” the invisible germs! Glo Germ Lotion, is an excellent and fun tool that illustrates the  flaws in your current handwashing technique. Apply the lotion and turn on the UV light your hands literally “light up” or fluoresce a brilliant blue-white under UV light wherever any of the lotion is. Then wash your hands and shine the UV light on them again to see what germs have not been effectively washed away. Comes in 8 ounce bottles. Each bottle is good for 75 to 100 applications.

Weight0.5 lbs
Dimensions2 × 2 × 7.5 in


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