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Kenya Connect:

Over the last three years Kenya Connect partnered with Henry the Hand to promote education on healthy hygiene in schools. This year, Henry the Hand Foundation donated $200 to Kenya Connect, which went into painting 8 murals on the walls of water tanks (source of water for drinking and domestic use) in 7 schools and another at the learning resource center in Wamunyu, Kenya.

The goal is to use these murals to instill basic yet very fundamental messages on hand hygiene. The murals are in close proximity and in direct eye-sight from the hand washing stations in these schools and so they act as constant reminder to the students and it is something that engages students to talk and discuss the importance of washing hands. Kenya connect staff have taught the students about hand washing as a way of staying healthy and are continually reinforcing hygiene practices.

The students like the message of Henry the Hand and appreciate the kid- friendly graphics as they always draw them close to watch and read the procedure of hand washing. As they do this on each passing day the information get implanted in their their minds and they are able to remember with ease the crucial times they need to wash their hands.

Teachers from these schools say they are impressed by the way the children have changed their behavior towards hand washing. Moving forward, we recommend painting more murals in schools where the students and teachers see them daily and share important health information. Kenya Connect works with 55 schools and so support is needed to put up more murals in 48 more schools. We believe that the murals are crucial in influencing behavior change in schools and by extension the community at large.


James Musyoka
Field Director & Director of Operations


**Dr. Will is urging those interested in DONATING to this cause to help Kenya Connect attain 15 more handwashing stations for their schools in their efforts to “spread the word not the germs” to contact us.

PLEASE contact us by calling  513-769-HAND (4263) or 513-769-4951 OR email us:

**If you have another organization that you are interested in raising funds for and would like help in attaining success similar to the partnership we have established and created with Kenya Connect we are MORE than happy to help you or the organization’s initiatives and efforts in “spreading the word not the germs!”. Contact us to learn more about how to start today!

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