Henry the Hand Visits The Children's National Medical Center

Henry the Hand  and Dr. Will visited the National Children’s Medical Center for an event on 3/8/12 “Spreading the word not the germs”!

Here are some pictures of the Event

Hands Up for Hands Awareness! Dr. David Stockwell and Dr.Will Sawyer promoting hand hygiene to improve Patient Safety and Infection Prevention during National Patient Safety Awareness Week

Henry the Hand inflatable mascot greeted and played with the children and staff.

Handed out brochures, posters, bracelets, stickers about Hand Awareness (hand hygiene, respiratory etiquette and cross contamination awareness). The children colored and drew their hand shape on paper and sign their pledge to practice the 4 Principles together with Henry the Hand to be posted on the walls of the hospital.

Key Message:

Henry the Hand 4 Principles of Hand Awareness:

  • Wash your hands when they are dirty and BEFORE eating
  • DO NOT cough into your hands
  • DO NOT sneeze into your hands
  • Above all, DO NOT put your fingers into your eyes, nose or mouth.
  1.  DO NOT touch your T-Zone!
  2. Together we can make a difference by “Spreading the Word Not the Germs.”
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