Join Henry in “linking” Clean Hands Across America and our World this December!

Join Henry the Hand Champion Handwasher and Dr. Will by “linking” Clean Hands across America and the World to STOP COVID-19!

Beginning 12:00 PM EST Monday December 2, 2024 Team up with Dr. Will and Henry the Hand Champion Handwasher to share this message and the website ( with your family, friends and coworkers so they understand that they have the power in their Hands to prevent COVID-19 and the flu by practicing the 4 Principles of Hand Awareness and

1.Handwash every 1-2 hours!
2.Protect your eyes, nose and mouth (T Zone) vigorously! Wear a full-face shield as well!
3.Break your unconscious habit of touching your T Zone. That is how you give yourself COVID-19.

Remember we humans are the petri-dish that grow and spread COVID-19! Your personal Hand Hygiene behavior must change before this Pandemic will end!

Help Henry and Dr. Will want everyone to respect the role “Our Hands” play in the spread of infectious disease.

Together we CAN make a difference!

Thank you for helping to spread the word not the germs!

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