Miscellaneous Ideas

Radio campaigns

Radio campaigns including soap operas, short PSA spots, and celebrity interviews and debates on handwashing and hygiene are a great way to get the handwashing message out. Involve school children and teachers!

Photo contest

A national photo contest of images of people handwashing with soap is another good awareness-raising technique. Focus on schools and children.

Corporate sponsorship

Leveraging resources by approaching local soap companies as well as hotels, restaurants, and other firms to sponsor Global Handwashing Day activities.

Postage stamp

Investigating the possibilities of a special national Global Handwashing Day postage stamp.

Example: The Nepal Post Office and Nepal Philatelic Society developed stamps and commemorative covers with handwashing with soap promotional messages. For 15 days, the postal office stamped all the incoming and outgoing national and international letters with a promotional message of Global Handwashing Day.

Participation in the WASH Media Awards

The WASH Media Awards initiative is a media contest soliciting print, electronic, and broadcast media submissions on water supply, sanitation, and hygiene issues from journalists in developing countries. The initiative aims to encourage broader media coverage of those issues. Locally, such a contest might delve further into issues of importance in your country as well as engage the public more on the issue of handwashing.

Soap wrapper prize

Having a local soap company insert winning tickets that can be redeemed for a prize on Global Handwashing Day. Build anticipation toward Global Handwashing Day with handwashing questions and answers on the soap wrappers. Prizes should be geared to hygiene hardware for schools.


Hand-shaped, water-drop-shaped, or soap-bar-shaped stickers could be provided to school children, who could then place them near toilets and handwashing stations, but also other places where people congregate, like bus stops, reminding people to wash hands with soap.

Text Messages

Using text messages/sms as a way of conveying health messages can be an effective way to reach wider audiences.

Example: The Government of Nepal/ Nepal Telecom sent a SMS message, “wash hands with soap and be healthy,” to the mobile users of five rural districts of Nepal, on Global Handwashing Day.

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