Launch an Event

Launch event

A half-day kickoff to either the day itself or the week of activities, with public figures, an overview of Global Handwashing Day, and planned activities and discussion with local experts, authorities, school children and teachers, and media. 

Handwashing learning event

A half- to one-day seminar on handwashing, with case studies, videos, discussion, and a field visit highlighting some of the best and worst examples of action/inaction, best practices, etc., with a focus on schools.

Example: In the rural village of Saran Maradi, Niger, a primary school elected a gender-balanced school government which included a sanitation and hygiene minister. The “minister” was responsible for promoting activities and participation on Global Handwashing Day. The school used “edu-tainment” tools to get the public’s attention nationwide. In front of TV crews, several radio channels and popular local newspapers, they made a salesperson-type demonstration of the eight steps for proper handwashing with soap. They then sang a song dedicated to clean hands and the benefits of handwashing against diseases.

Media event

An event specifically geared toward the media to launch Global Handwashing Day, with guest speakers, celebrities, officials, or a field visit to a school with good practices and infrastructure to support them. Example: In Bhutan, a panel discussion on Handwashing was held on national television in commemoration of Global Handwashing Day.

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