Tool Kit Description

International Infection Prevention Tool kits Explained


Tool Kit contents:

Handwashing Sink Reminders (without words)

1 Germs on Your Hand Poster

1 T ZONE poster

1 Handwashing Guide Poster

1 Handwashing Schedule for the Classroom

1 Handwashing Schedule for the Home

1 GloGerm Potion Bottle

1 Respiratory Atomizer (spray bottle)

1 Health Shield

1 HTH Puppet

1 Black Light

1 Fingernail Brush


Purpose and Description of each item:

Henry The Hand Puppet: The puppet can be used to give demonstrations and to put on plays. This engages both children and adults while reinforcing Henry’s 4 Principles of Hand Awareness.

Germs on your hands poster: This poster helps children and adults visualize the potential germs that could be on their hands. These posters make the invisible germs visible and give everyone a vivid picture of the germs that are out there.

T Zone Poster: This poster is very important because it explains what the T Zone is (the eyes, nose, and mouth) and how it is the only portal of entry into the human body for all respiratory and gastro-intestinal infections. It acts as a reminder for EVERYONE to avoid self-inoculation (getting themselves sick).

Handwashing Instruction Poster: This poster can be used as an effective visual aid to demonstrate the step-by-step instructions on how to create healthy handwashing behavior for everyone. Also, if you can’t read the words, you can still get the picture!

Handwashing Reminder Static Clings: The sink reminders can go on the mirrors next to the sinks in the bathrooms to serve as a reminder for everyone to wash their hands before leaving the bathroom. The vibrant colors and pictures of the steps of handwashing not only attract everyone’s attention, but also provide a thorough reminder for healthy handwashing behavior.

Bottle of Glo Germ Lotion (2 oz.) and an LED Black Light: This educational simulation shows “the germs” on everyone’s hands and how using an effective handwashing technique with soap can get rid of them. The Glo Germ lotion’s fluorescent component (pumice) represents the germs on everyone’s hands, which are illuminated by the handheld black light. Once everyone puts the Glo Germ Lotion on their hands, shine the black light on their hands so everyone can see how “dirty” their hands are. After everyone washes their hands, shine the black light on their hands again to see how clean they are and how many “germs” have been removed.

Respiratory Atomizer: Using the respiratory atomizer (spray bottle), this demonstration shows the power of a cough or sneeze. The droplets from the spray represent the germs that are spread in the air through a cough or sneeze. This reinforces why it is so important to cover it with your elbow or a tissue. The “throwing an elbow” technique can prevent the spread of infectious germs onto other surfaces that someone could potentially touch and then infect themselves.

Health Shield: This shield is used as both a training and protective device. It shows people how often they touch their T Zone, helping them to become more aware of where their hands are and what they are doing. In order to change hand hygiene behavior, one needs to increase their hand awareness. It also serves as a protective device for someone in a healthcare environment who is working closely with patients and is at risk to coming into contact with germs from a patient who coughs or sneezes without “throwing an elbow”.

Handwashing Chart for the Classroom: This weekly handwashing chart is a self-administered program in classrooms to help create healthy handwashing habits at the appropriate times for children and adults. There is an opportunity for a daily/weekly reward (stickers, tattoos, or a Champion Handwasher medallion) for those who have healthy handwashing habits to encourage continued participation.

Handwashing Chart for the Home: This handwashing chart teaches family members the appropriate times for adults and children to wash their hands at home, creating a healthy hand hygiene habit. This can encourage children to help the adults have healthy hand hygiene as well.

Fingernail Brush: The nailbrush is one of the most important, and often the most forgotten tools for handwashing.  This tool should be used at least once a day while washing hands.  Many germs hide under our fingernails.  This brush has great bristles and the base is fuse ware.  The fuse ware prevents germs from hiding where the bristles attach to the base of the brush.  The brushes are dishwasher safe and should be placed at every kitchen and bathroom sink.



Download the PDF/Printable Version by clicking: International Infection Prevention Tool Kit

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