HHS Healthy Aging Summit in Washington, D.C!

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Dr. Will takes advantage of a Teaching Moment at the Healthy Living Summit (sponsored by HHS Office of Disease Prevention & Health Promotion and the American College of Preventive Medicine) in Washington DC to encourage those in GeroScience to promote the “Citizen Science” about the role that facial mucous membranes (eyes, nose and mouth) play in contracting (self inoculation) respiratory infections that can lead to chronic diseases!

The studies that Dr. Will presented in D.C described how physicians, nursing staff and medical students seem to not understand the consequences of touching their T Zone (facial mucous membranes).

Yes, it is hard to believe, but it is true. In fact, Dr. Will’s presentation included information about a hospital where 74% of the staff went to work sick. WOW! Now this should be a concern for ALL.

Dr. Will is asking YOU to question your administration: “if human factor engineering is so important in patient safety and infection reduction, then we should train and instruct all healthcare workers on the role the T Zone plays in infectious disease?”

This is a skill all health professional students and healthcare workers should be trained and required to practice. Our healthcare workers and students in health-related fields work in high-risk environments

Infection Prevention is EVERYBODY’S Business!!

Thank you for helping to “spread the word not the germs”!
Will Sawyer, MD

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