Henry’s Health Shield

How it started:
We started promoting the use of a chemical splash face shield in 2005 which we call a Health Shield. This Health Shield was included in the Classroom and School Infection Prevention Tool Kits to demonstrate to the staff and students how many times they attempted to touch their face. This behavior modification and barrier method will help them to break their unconscious habit of touching (self-inoculating) their T Zone (eyes, nose and mouth mucous membranes). Since an episode of Dr. Will culturing a patient’s throat and developing their symptoms 2 days later, he has worn a Health Shield when face to face with any patient who was sick, and has not suffered an URI since. Furthermore, it was the number of healthcare workers in Toronto that died from SARS that made Dr. Will acutely aware that the frontline healthcare worker should be wearing a Health Shield (full face shield) when treating patients with respiratory infection.


There are 3 important tenets to understand to help you and others to get through this Pandemic without suffering an infection;

  1. We humans are the petri-dish that cause Pandemics
  2. The portal of entry into the human body are the eyes, nose and mouth (T Zone) and
  3. Your fingers are the primary mechanism of inoculation infecting you! “The 10 most deadly weapons”!


In general, the Health Shield serves 3 purposes for the healthy individual:

It protects you from the droplets of others, others from your droplets and you from your fingers, which is the primary mode of transmission of COVID-19.


So, be aware of these 3 important facts and promote the 4 Principles of Hand Awareness to others for better personal and community health.

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