Henry’s Health Shield FAQs

Sneeze Simulation Using Blue Food Dye

The three portals of entry for viral infections are the eyes, nose, and mouth (T Zone).  As you can see in this picture, wearing a Health Shield will protect ALL of these portals of entry while a mask can only protect your nose and mouth (and many particles penetrate masks but not Health Shields). Which would you want to be wearing if someone coughs or sneezes on you?


Below are videos showing how effective the face shield (Health Shield) is!

Effectiveness of Shields When One Person is Wearing One
Effectiveness of Shields When Both Are Wearing One

Thank you to LaVision for helping put together these Schlieren photography video demonstrations of “plumes” of respiratory droplets and aerosols when exhaled. It demonstrates how the plume is directed downward to your clothing or horizontal surface not up or straight forward. Most masks the plume is directed up or out to the side.

Dr. Fauci recommending eye coverings (like a face shield) to protect ALL mucous membrane areas.

Are Health Shields protective?
Yes, an effective physical barrier blocks droplets and aerosols unless there is significant turbulence in the air that could rarely redirect aerosols through a narrow channel. And protect you from the 10 most deadly weapons, your fingers!

When should I wear a Health Shield?
We recommend wearing a Health Shield if you are healthy to protect you from others spraying germs on you when coughing or sneezing or with close contact. The Health Shield protects others from your droplets when talking with them in close contact as well. And it protects you from the 10 most deadly weapons, your fingers. However, if you have a respiratory infection we recommend you wear a mask as well to keep from spreading your germs to other individuals. Face shields protect your eyes, nose and mouth mucous membranes, masks leave your eyes exposed to droplets or aerosols.

How do I clean the face shield?
Simply the face shield with soap and water and dry it with a paper towel. Or wipe it down with rubbing alcohol. 

What is the average head size it fits?
Our face shields have an elastic strap and can fit heads ranging in size from 20in-24 in in circumference 

How should I protect my face shield?
We recommend you label your face shield since it belongs to you. When not wearing it place your shield foam side down and rest it on a paper towel or other soft surface to keep it from scratching the lens. 

Is wearing a face shield easier to comply with for a sustained length of time?
Yes, if you observe your family, co-workers, the Public at large and service people they are not wearing masks correctly and their eyes are still exposed for inoculation. Face shields are more comfortable and therefore are easier to wear for longer periods of time.

How often do you recommend replacing the Face Shield? 
If you don't mishandle them and not too many scratches you can re-use for months or even years. I have been wearing a few different face shields since 2005.

How often do you clean/sanitize? They can be cleaned when they seem dirty, but not daily unless in an environment contaminated with virulent organisms. Remember every surface in certain environments are contaminated so do not put your fingers in your eyes, nose or mouth.

How to Break your Unconscious habit to prevent self-inoculation:
Wearing a Face shield (Health Shield) will help you break the unconscious habit by increasing your awareness how many times you attempt to touch your eyes, nose or mouth or face. Once you have worn the face shield for several minutes to hours you develop a muscle memory alert that begins to set up in your brain that when your hand moves in the direction of your face it makes you more conscious of this behavior and you can begin to override that “bad habit”. You will be surprised how it will help you break the habit.

Should all healthcare workers wear face shields?
Yes. In an office setting you may not need an additional face mask when seeing patients who are healthy. When in a setting with nebulizers, turbulent air flow or inpatient care you would be safer if you wore a face mask.

Is wearing a Health Shield easier to comply for a sustained length of time than a mask?
Yes, if you observe your family, co-workers, the Public at large and service people they are not wearing masks correctly leaving their eyes exposed for inoculation by any method of transmission of any organism.

Does the Health Shield offer any sun protection?
The Health Shield is a PET shield and does not offer any sun protection, only droplet and finger protection. It is designed to be worn with glasses (or sunglasses).

Why doesn’t Public Health promote the use of face shields for healthy people?
We believe their emphasis has been on sick people using masks and using separation (social distancing and staying home) as prevention for healthy people. And handwashing, of course. They have not addressed breaking the unconscious habit of self-inoculation.

Do our Health Shields contain latex?
The only portion of the face shield with latex is in the elastic strap. The elastic strap contains small silicone and latex thread that are covered by a thin cloth. So, if there is concern for someone who has anaphylaxis  to latex we would recommend they not wear it or at least not without a barrier between their skin and strap

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