Henry takes on Nashville

Nashville Prep Charter

                Henry visited Nashville Prep, a brand new charter school in downtown Nashville.  Took a tour of classrooms, met the school’s founder and principal, the director of recruitment, and most of the teachers. While there Henry got to learn more about charter schools and hear about different methods of teaching. This visit is important because charter schools are up and coming and have a new perspective on education that focuses on the students getting the most out of a school day. If we start to incorporate Henry/hand health awareness into this program, immense strides to a bright and healthy future can be made.



Vanderbilt University

                Henry wandered around Vanderbilt meeting students, staff, nurses, and the director of Health Services. He helped promote international hand washing awareness week (Sept. 18-24) while encouraging good hand health practices. Many students were receptive and not only eager to wear the stickers, but also to check out the website. Henry also connected with the Director of Health Services in hopes of pursuing a deeper relationship with Vanderbilt’s program that promotes overall health and well being in local schools. This visit was important because abnout 70 percent of college students will get sick each year.  

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