Henry and Dr. Will at the NPTA Conference

Dr. Will and Henry the Hand were at the National PTA Conference in Cincinnati, Ohio this past week.

Henry the Hand Champion Handwasher and Team was excited about the response by the PTA members to want to help promote his 4 Principles of Hand Awareness to improve the Healthy School, Healthy Student and Parent Engagement!

"WOW" and "Yes that would be important to understand" were two common responses we heard.

Henry the Hand would love to help "Spread the Word Not the Germs" as your school prepares for "Back to School" this year!

Everyone loved Henry the Hand and his message. He "speaks" multiple languages as he is a hand and can transcend language and culture to teach people "Primary Infection Prevention Techniques" to stay well.

Let's give EVERY student a chance to "stay well" in order to be a better learner and teach them and their familiy how to prevent those infectious diseases.


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