Patient Safety Shield

dr will's health shield
Dr. Will is wearing the Patient Safety Shield (PSS) in the office to demonstrate how effective it is  as a TEACHING device and SAFETY tool. I wear the P.S.S. on rounds to the hospital to help reinforce the significance of changing human behavior to benefit patient Safety. Since MRSA is colonized in the HCWs noses, atleast 30% of the HCWs are colonized at any one time and since it is recommended to treat and remove the HCW (HealthCare Worker) from clinical care until eradicated (CDC in 1983), perhaps 6 weeks. The responsible step in the health care arena is to use the barrier method to protect the patient by reducing coloniztion, and to help change the HCW's habit. I am solo practice Family Medicine Physician who teaches primary prevention techniques all day long to patients and felt it was past time to teach other HCWs the importance of Hand Awareness. Remember,
"Do not touch the T Zone (mucus membranes)!"


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