Sniff Test

An old concept in one realm but a new strategy in Primary Infection Prevention in Health care, Food Service, Public health and Family health. If the hands smell CLEAN, they are CLEAN. If the hands DO NOT smell clean, they probably are NOT clean and perhaps contaminated with something you do not want to give or receive from anyone else.

Think about it!!  Yes, it is correct.

Who would like to "Team Up" with Henry the Hand Champion Handwasher and Dr.Will to promote the science?

Many corporations in hand hyiene, personal hygiene, and cosmetic industries have the data. However, none of the data has been shared with the CDC (and Prevention) or the Public. Henry the Hand Foundation is commited to helping bring the science to the Public's awareness through different strategies of Social (Health) Marketing.

Will YOU "Lend your Hand"?

We will lend OURS!

Thank You!

Dr.Will or 513-769-4263.

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