Henry the Hand's New SaniTwice® Poster

“When soap and running water is NOT available then SaniTwice®”
Dr. Will Sawyer

Henry the Hand’s new SaniTwice® Poster


What is SaniTwice®:
It all started with a request for help from the military to safely feed new recruits in the desert of the Middle East at a venue where soap and water are NOT unavailable.  From there SaniTwice® reached back across the sea to another desert, Las Vegas, where a major casino was not happy with the handwashing at temporary bars.

Effectiveness against pathogens:
If norovirus is the target pathogen as it was for the Las Vegas casino, SaniTwice® has been proven to be effective when selecting Purell – VF 481, a popular choice in the cruise line industry as well.

Places where SaniTwice® is EFFECTIVE:
– Between glove changes
– SaniTwice® during school foodservice water outages
– SaniTwice® at gourmet food trucks and train service
– A petting zoo solution
– Alternative to the “Trickler” for summer fairs and church events

Here is a demonstration of the SaniTwice® method

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