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How to Download Coloring Book and Posters

Most of the posters and activities found on this page are saved as Acrobat PDF files.  Click on the button to the right to install the free Adobe Acrobat Reader, if you do not already have it. Be patient, as sometimes it takes longer than expected to copy because of the graphics.


Try our new color, cut and paste germ activity!


You may make as many copies as necessary, as long as you give them away. Students of all ages should take them home to hang on the refrigerator and engage their family. It is a lesson plan curriculum based upon the John Hopkins model of Partnership 2000 for a successful student surrounded by the triangle of family, school and community.

Henry the Hand Coloring Book

Download:Henry the Hand Coloring Book

Henry the Hand Coloring Book in Spanish

Download: Henry the Hand Coloring Book in Spanish


Make copies to giveaway and post at your work, hospitals, church, recreation center and schools for ALL ages. It will make a difference! Together WE CAN make a difference!

T Zone Cut-Out Poster

Click here to download it.



Friendly Hand Washing Reminder Posters:

for your Home

for your Classroom

for your School

for your Office

for your Restaurant

Germs On Your Hands

Germs On Your Hands

Spanish version- Germs On Your Hands

Customizable Poster

Customizable Poster

Put your school, family, church, city or state name on the poster. Particularly important during the winter season to prevent the transmission of disease to prevent illness.
Customizable Word Doc, 121 KB

Spanish Version- Henry's Handwashing Instructions

Send this with your students and children to school, work or church this Winter!

Henry's 4 Principles of Hand Awareness

Henry's 4 Principles of Hand Awareness

Spanish Version- Henry's 4 Principles of Hand Awareness

Take this to school, work and church this Winter to help the other students and adults to stay healthy!

ADDITIONAL PRINTABLES: Copy them for your students classroom! HEALTHY STUDENTS learn more and have more FUN! As long as you give them away it is OK to make copies.

Print and cut bookmarks

Print and cut bookmarks- Spanish version

Henry's Classroom Handwashing ChartHenry's Classroom Handwashing Chart  Use Henry's "Friendly" Handwashing competition chart any week every month to reinforce the principles of the importance of being a "Champion Handwasher"every day.Henry's Classroom Handwashing Chart in Color
Henry's Home Handwashing Chart

Henry's Home Handwashing Chart

Henry's Home Washing Chart In Color

Use Henry's Handwashing chart any week every month to reinforce the importance of being a "Champion Handwasher"every day. Repetition works for ALL of us, particularly adults!

henry puppetHenry the Hand Puppet

Do you Know What Temperatures Germs like?

Germ Temperature Poster - Spanish Version

Food Safety is about Temperature Awareness and Hand Awareness. If we all learned to cook using thermometers we would be better cooks!

 Champion Handwasher Medallions

Champion Handwasher Medallions

These are great to make your own Champion Handwasher medallions to give away each week as a reward to the students.

Handwashing Sink Reminders- With Instructions

Handwashing Sink Reminders- No Words

Print off some of these wordless Henry the Hand sink reminders to put up in the bathrooms to remind people to wash their hands. Although there are no words, YOU can still get the picture!

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