Businesses and Healthcare Workers

The two critical points for everyone to understand are that the eyes, nose or mouth are the only portal of entry into the human body for COVID-19 and all other respiratory infections. Second, that we humans are the petri-dish that grow, multiply and then spread the COVID-19 virus causing and perpetuating the Coronavirus Pandemic.

During this Coronavirus Pandemic every business is looking for ways to maintain their employee’s health and safety at their work site. Three steps for the individual to understand to be able to change their behavior are: awareness, knowledge and implementation. First, the individual needs to increase their awareness of their hand behavior. Then they need the knowledge to better understand the reason(s) they need to change their hand behavior for them to implement the correct steps for success. We have provided some tips on how to be more intentional and to help normalize the necessary behavior in order to help maintain a safe and healthy work environment during this Pandemic time. Particularly, as we open up commerce to prevent a second wave of Coronavirus disease at your work site or community. Please visit our Coronavirus Prevention Tips page. 


Many businesses might not understand how to structure a safe work environment during a Pandemic or have the resources to do so, but we have a crafted a science based program to help the employer guide their employees to keep them healthy. Please visit our Infection Prevention Business Page for the simple tips on keeping you and your employees healthy during this re-entry time to help prevent the second wave!

Healthcare Workers

Healthcare workers are particularly vulnerable to Coronavirus in their work environment as it is nearly impossible to maintain effective surface hygiene while trying to keep up with the demand and moving parts of patient care. However, we have crafted some effective science based tips to reduce the risk for the healthcare worker in the office setting. Please visit our Healthcare worker’s Page for these simple steps to help reduce the work place anxiety your employees may experience at work.

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