Making Handwashing a Habit in 2024

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 How to Make Handwashing a Habit:

Infection Prevention Expertise
Dr. Sawyer has been teaching non-pharmaceutical infection prevention behavior modification techniques in his clinical practice and using Henry the Hand and the 4 Principles of Hand Awareness for 25 years.

Dr. Sawyer has collaborated with behavioral scientists, researchers, educators, engineers and parents to make sure this is an easy Infection Prevention Program to implement in any environment. He has been invited to do many presentations about Non-pharmaceutical infection prevention techniques and has been quoted in many journals and media outlets, including the New York Times, the Philadelphia Inquirer, the Washington Post, BBC radio and Frontline. 

Teaching Hand Hygiene Behavior in a simple memorable method:
Henry the Hand's Infection Prevention program is a science based multi-sensory experience teaching the 4 Principles of Hand Awareness modeled after the Johns Hopkins Partnership 2000 for Successful Schools (incorporates family, school and community around the student).

Your Eyes, Your Nose and Your Mouth
The only way you can contract Coronavirus, The Flu and many upper respiratory infections is through your eyes, nose and mouth aka Your T Zone! We teach you how to protect your T Zone (eyes, nose and mouth mucous membranes) from droplets and your 10 fingers to maintain good health. Yes, it is the 5 holes in your head, the eyes, nostrils and mouth, that are critical to protect. The average person touches their face between 15 & 23 times per hour (Sawyer, 2014. Hand Hygiene and Face Touching in Family Medicine Offices).


School Friendly
Henry the Hand has appeared at community events and schools across the country since the late 1990’s having gotten his start in many schools in Cincinnati. Additionally, Henry is a magnet at conferences like the National Association of School Nurses, National Association for the Education of Young Children, Association of Professions in Infection Control, Emerging Infectious Disease, National Head Start and many others.

Hands On Activities:

This will impart a lasting image of YUCK (germs) on your hands and how they can be the 10 most deadly weapons! Henry the Hand 7-ft. character, hand puppets, posters and animated videos and Glogerm demo to reinforce the YUCK! Other reinforcement Tools are cough/sneeze spray demo, nail brush, sink reminders teaching the correct way to wash your hands, Champion Handwasher stickers and other hands-on activities to take home and share with your family. So, they learn the correct handwashing technique.

*Our GloGerm activity is an example of an interactive and fun way we teach kids to wash their hands correctly!

And they learn how easily germs can spread by touching surfaces their face!


Infection Prevention School Program (link to

Infection Prevention Early Childhood Program (link to

Infection Prevention Classroom Program   (link to )

Infection Prevention Program for Home (link to )

Community Service Infection Prevention Program (link to )

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